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Our Team

Steffanie Singh

Steffanie comes from a background in Project Management which enables her to make wise decisions in the wedding industry in regards to time management and professionalism. "No one understands how much pressure you are under to find a decorator, book the venue, find your dress, coordinate guest accommodations, and so on... You want to enjoy your event and remember every moment, rather than stress about everything, and that is where I come in. I was once a bride and I knew that I wanted something different for my wedding. Blush Moments will provide that different or unique element that you have been searching for."

​Javed Khan

Javed is the co-owner of Blush Moments and handles all the logistics. He mostly coordinates with delivery, setup, and takedown services. He will validate that your equipment is delivered in its entirety and delivered on time. Javed specializes in both interior design and automotive technology. This unique combination of experience has allowed him to enhance upon the ideas that Steffanie presents. They both make a cohesive team to bring you your desired production appearance. "We are overjoyed at the opportunity to share all of these memorable experiences with all of you." Steffanie and Javed have been married for 3 years. They are living happily in San Diego, CA.